Finally, rewards you can smile about.

Cash out, donate or shop with every $20 you earn from doing nice deeds for brands. Smile! You earned it.

2 simple ways to get rewarded.

Nice deeds

Do something nice for brands you love by completing Gush Ads. Tweet, share, download or complete surveys for them. A nice deed that goes around, comes around.

Get rewarded

Every Gush Ad you complete earns you cash rewards. Earn anywhere between $0.50 to $10 per Gush Ad. The best part? It takes just 2 minutes of your time or less.


Cash out your rewards for real money, donate it to charities, or shop at our Mall for cool gifts and vouchers from Amazon, Starbucks, Sony Music and more.

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  • Love this site. Not only does it allow me to share things that interest me, but I too get to earn that little extra.
  • Gush Ad is awesome! I get to share the products that I love with my friends and get paid for it while doing so.
  • Gush Ad is a user-friendly service that provides for an additional avenue to earn cash. You can even earn on the go.
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